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NJ Medical Weight Loss Program Features:   Weight Loss, Exercise & Nutrition

Medical weight loss is easier, faster and safer than standard diets because you
Exercise counseling with in-office instruction. Our Medical Fitness Specialist will tailor
Adequate and appropriate nutrition is crucial to your dieting success, especially as you reduce

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Princeton Forrestal Village
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JMWL, a New Jersey (NJ) Medical Weight Loss Center

Patient being weighed Now with 2 offices in Princeton NJ and Somerset NJ. Call for an appointment now.

JMWL is a fully-staffed medical weight loss center located in Somerset, NJ and Princeton NJ that includes a private gym. Dr. Aparna Chandrasekaran, a bariatric physician, is the medical director of JMWL. Other medical staff members include Lisa LaMarca, a Registered Dietitian with 17 years of experience in Bariatric Surgery weight loss counseling and diet education, In addition, she has been a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Council on Strength and Fitness since 2005. Bianca Ramos is a Licensed Social Worker who has a special interest in body image, health education and motivational support. Bianca will be providing motivational counseling and providing individual and group support to our patients.

In our practice, we provide comprehensive treatment for weight issues that assures healthy weight loss and lasting lifestyle changes that will prevent weight regain.  Our office is a warm, supportive environment where you will be well taken care of on your journey to your healthy weight.

So, if you are overweight or obese, losing weight now will add years to your life later.  Our patients are happy and getting healthier every day! Their blood pressure medicines are no longer needed, their blood sugar levels go down, the sleep apnea goes away.  They love their slimmer, fitter bodies and the renewed self confidence that comes with feeling and looking better.

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